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Stylesheets provide a way of customising the appearance of invoices or quotes when they are displayed in a web browser, or rendered to PDF. Because templates can specify any arbitrary HTML structure that the user desires, stylesheets will typically be designed for compatibility with a specific template or a set of conventions that one or more templates adhere to.

It is worth noting that templates may opt to ignore stylesheets altogether by not including the {{ css }} template tag. If you are encountering issues whereby the CSS from a stylesheet is not being honoured, be sure to check that the template you are using actually includes the stylesheet CSS in its output.

Data format

When using this interface: Use this data format:
Command-line interface CSS file
Python API str (string containing CSS code)
gRPC Microservice (coming soon)


You can find the default stylesheet that ships with the command-line interface for gen-invoice here:

The default stylesheet is designed to be compatible with the default template that ships with the command-line interface for gen-invoice.