ue4 conan boilerplate

Generates Unreal Engine modules with boilerplate code for encapsulating external dependencies.

Usage syntax:

ue4 conan boilerplate [-outdir DIR] NAME

This command generates boilerplate modules, which are simply standard Unreal Engine External Modules with the addition of a for listing the Conan packages that they encapsulate and boilerplate code in their .Build.cs module rules file for querying Conan to resolve the configuration data required to link against the binaries from those Conan packages. The generated boilerplate code also includes logic for consuming precomputed dependency data created by the ue4 conan precompute command if it is present. See the Consuming Conan packages page for more details on generating boilerplate modules and populating the list of dependencies in their corresponding

The NAME argument specifies the name for the generated module, which will be automatically stripped of any disallowed characters to ensure it represents a valid C# identifier. This sanitised identifier will be used as the name of the generated module directory, the prefix of the generated .Build.cs module rules filename, and the name of the class in the rules file.

By default, the module directory will be generated as a subdirectory of the current working directory. You can specify a different parent directory using the -outdir DIR argument.