List of conan-ue4cli commands

The conan-ue4cli command line interface exposes the following commands:

  • ue4 conan bake

    Bake is a short alias for the precompute command.

  • ue4 conan boilerplate

    Generates Unreal Engine modules with boilerplate code for encapsulating external dependencies.

  • ue4 conan build

    Builds Conan packages using profiles and wrapper packages generated by conan-ue4cli.

  • ue4 conan generate

    Generates UE4 Conan profiles and associated wrapper packages.

  • ue4 conan precompute

    Generates precomputed dependency data for Unreal Engine boilerplate modules.

  • ue4 conan sources

    Retrieves the source code of the dependencies for one or more conanfiles.

  • ue4 conan update

    Caches the latest recipe data from the ue4-conan-recipes repo.