Command Reference

ue4-docker build

Builds container images for a specific version of UE4.

Usage syntax:

ue4-docker build [-h] [--linux] [--rebuild] [--dry-run]
                 [--pull-prerequisites] [--no-engine] [--no-minimal] [--no-full]
                 [--no-cache] [--random-memory]
                 [--exclude {debug,templates}] [--opt OPT] [--cuda VERSION]
                 [-username USERNAME] [-password PASSWORD]
                 [-repo REPO] [-branch BRANCH] [-isolation ISOLATION]
                 [-basetag BASETAG] [-dlldir DLLDIR] [-suffix SUFFIX]
                 [-m M]
                 [-ue4cli UE4CLI] [-conan-ue4cli CONAN_UE4CLI]
                 [-layout LAYOUT] [--combine]
                 [--monitor] [-interval INTERVAL]
                 [--visual-studio VISUAL_STUDIO]

Basic usage

To build container images for a specific version of the Unreal Engine, simply specify the UE4 release that you would like to build using full semver version syntax. For example, to build Unreal Engine 4.20.3, run:

ue4-docker build 4.20.3

You will be prompted for the Git credentials to be used when cloning the UE4 GitHub repository (this will be the GitHub username and password you normally use when cloning The build process will then start automatically, displaying progress output from each of the docker build commands that are being run in turn.

By default, all available images will be built. See the List of available container images page for details on customising which images are built.

Advanced usage

See the Advanced build options page for details on all of the supported flags for customising build behaviour.