Command Reference

ue4-docker export

Exports components from built container images to the host system.

Usage syntax:


This command can be used to export the following components:

Exporting Installed Builds under Linux

Installed Builds of UE4 can be exported to the host system starting with version 4.21.0. Once you have built the ue4-full image for the UE4 version that you want to export, you can export it to the host system like so:

ue4-docker export installed 4.21.0 ~/UnrealInstalled

This will export the Installed Build of the Engine from the image adamrehn/ue4-full:4.21.0 to the directory ~/UnrealInstalled on the host system.

Exporting Conan packages

The Conan wrapper packages generated by conan-ue4cli can be exported from the ue4-full image to the local Conan package cache on the host system like so:

ue4-docker export packages 4.21.0 cache

Conan will need to be installed on the host system for this to work. To use the exported packages for development on the host system, you will also need to generate the accompanying profile-wide packages by running the command:

ue4 conan generate --profile-only

This will require both ue4cli and conan-ue4cli to be installed on the host system.