Use Cases

Use cases overview

The container images produced by ue4-docker incorporate infrastructure to facilitate a wide variety of use cases. A number of key use cases are listed below. Select a use case to see detailed instructions on how to build and run the appropriate container images.

  • Continuous Integration (CI)

    Use a controlled and reproducible environment to build, test, and package Unreal projects.

  • Microservices

    Thanks to the inclusion of conan-ue4cli infrastructure, the ue4-full image makes it easy to build UE4-powered microservices with Google's popular gRPC framework.

  • Linux Installed Builds

    Under Windows and macOS, Engine licensees can easily download and manage Installed Builds of UE4 through the Epic Games Launcher. Since version 4.21.0 of the Engine, ue4-docker provides an alternative source of Installed Builds under Linux in lieu of a native version of the launcher.