Automation Commands

ue4 uat

Invokes RunUAT with the specified arguments.

Usage syntax:

ue4 uat [ARGS]


Most common use cases that can be performed by RunUAT already have simpler interfaces provided by other ue4cli commands (e.g. ue4 build, ue4 test, and ue4 package.) Invoking RunUAT directly is only required for advanced usage.

This command invokes the shell script under Linux and macOS, and the RunUAT.bat batch file under Windows. This script is the command-line interface to the Unreal AutomationTool, which can be used to perform a variety of tasks. Common uses include:

  • Building and packaging projects
  • Running automation tests
  • Running BuildGraph scripts (e.g. to create an Installed Build of the Engine)

Any arguments that are specified will be passed directly to the RunUAT script, with the following additions:

  • If no -platform=<PLATFORM> argument is specified, this argument will be injected with the value for the current system platform (e.g. “Linux”, “Mac”, “Win64”, etc.)
  • If no -project=<PROJECT> argument is specified, ue4cli will look for a .uproject file in the current working directory and will inject this argument with the path to the project file as its value.