Descriptor Commands

ue4 run

Runs the Editor for the Unreal project.

Usage syntax:

ue4 run [--debug] [EXTRA ARGS]


This command runs the Editor for the Unreal project located in the current working directory. (If no .uproject file can be found in the current directory then ue4cli will emit an error and halt execution.) Note that the ue4 build command must be used to build the Editor for the project before it can be run if the project contains any C++ code. Blueprint-only projects do not have this requirement.

By default the Editor will be invoked with the path to the .uproject file for the Unreal project in the current directory, as well as the -stdout and -FullStdOutLogOutput flags which ensure log output is printed under Windows. Any additional arguments that are specified will be appended to these flags.

The --debug flag is an alias for the -debug parameter for the Editor, and is provided purely as a convenience.