Descriptor Commands

ue4 package

Packages a build of the Unreal project or plugin in the current directory.

Usage syntax for projects:


Usage syntax for plugins:

ue4 package [EXTRA UAT ARGS]


This command packages a build of the Unreal project or plugin located in the current working directory, using common packaging options that should be suitable for most scenarios. (If no .uproject or .uplugin file can be found in the current directory then ue4cli will emit an error and halt execution.) The packaged build will be placed in a subdirectory called “dist” inside the current working directory (short for “distribution”.)

When packaging a project, the first optional parameter is used to specify the build configuration to build and package, which can be any of the valid Unreal Engine build configurations:

  • Debug
  • DebugGame
  • Development
  • Shipping
  • Test

If no build configuration is explicitly specified then the Shipping configuration will be built and packaged by default.

Note that plugins are always packaged in both Development and Shipping configurations. Do not specify a build configuration parameter when packaging a plugin, as this will confuse UAT!

Any additional arguments that are specified will be passed directly to RunUAT, along with the appropriate default arguments for the type of descriptor (project or plugin) that is being packaged. Note that a build configuration must be specified when packaging a project and passing additional arguments to RunUAT.

The default arguments for packaging projects are:


These defaults will automatically adapt to any user-specified arguments:

  • The -platform=<PLATFORM> argument can be overridden with a user-specified value.
  • If the -server flag is specified then the platform value will also be used to generate an appropriate -serverplatform=<PLATFORM> argument.
  • The -allmaps flag will only be included if the -noclient flag is not present.

The default arguments for packaging plugins are: