Engine Commands

ue4 version

Prints the version string of the Unreal Engine installation.

Usage syntax:

ue4 version [major|minor|patch|full|short]


This command prints the version details for the Unreal Engine installation that ue4cli is currently acting as an interface to. The following output formats are supported:

  • major: prints just the major version number (i.e. “4”)
  • minor: prints just the minor version number (e.g. “21”)
  • patch: prints just the patch version number (e.g. “0”)
  • full: prints the full version number (e.g. “4.21.0”)
  • short: prints the major and minor version number without the patch number (e.g. “4.21”)

If no format name is explicitly specified then the output will default to the full version number.